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Featured Artist: MARS-1

Mario Martinez (aka MARS-1) paints from a penetrating perspective of great depth. Viewers are drawn into his imaginative compositions, overflowing with colorful geometric and organic shapes, layered to form unique patterns and textures.

The artist signature style of vast, abstracted, quasi-extraterrestrial looking landscapes feature imagery of surreal distortions, contained within spherically convex transparent bubbles. Skillfully combining optical color blending with perspective line work, his painting techniques result in very three-dimensional forms, which echo the anatomy of architecture, and microcosmic structures of biology.

These 3-D qualities transcend into his sculptural work, as well. Mars-1’s distinctly individual aesthetic is not easily compared to the vision of his contemporaries or artists from past movements. His constantly evolving process continues to expand with each new series of work, seemingly beyond the reaches of even his own awareness.

Themes explored range from very scientific to more esoteric phenomena. From theoretical physics, metamorphosis and collective consciousness, to ufology and examining possibilities of otherworldly principles, the relative link between physical and life sciences are applied throughout. Transitional energies, natural multiplicity, helixes and spontaneous biological occurrences all come together, forming imagery with hypotheses beyond the scope of modern technology.

About the Curator: Jennifer Ingram

Jennifer Ingram of Tribe13 has over 10 years of experience curating and organizing the logistics of art events, traveling shows, and galleries.  She and Roman Villagrana co-founded both Tribe13 and the Interdimensional Art Show, an exhibit and gathering held annually on the west coast since 2002. Their work has fostered visionary art culture creation through the belief that art, fashion, and music and the interrelationships between them is engaging, dynamic, and sustaining. Jennifer also works to "mother" artists in all ways to help them promote their art. Look for her at large festivals and activated gatherings all over the globe.

Gallery and Live Painting Artists

JAke AmaZon & Psybe (Apex Collective) - Creating A Collaborative Piece for Tipper & Friends

Apex is a collective based around collaboration being a means of rapid evolution. Most collaborative paintings start with no plan or composition drawn out prior to working directly on the canvas. Influenced by science and technology, we can find a great deal of themes relating to evolution and morphogenesis. Rapidly transforming glowing grids of bubbling unknown technology, floating science fiction landscapes, and references of natural and fantastical biology have all found a common place in Apex's work. Progressing the language of imagery through a telepathic creative connection is the major goal. While being sensitive to both classical and contemporary methods, the group strives to capture the underlying movements and patterns that surpass time.


Psybe (Adam Carsons) is a self taught painter hailing from northern New Jersey. Examining his own large internal universe, Adam is a master at making the viewer guess at the meaning of his highly polished, complex worlds. Composing his spaces with spray-paint, he chisels down his iterated and flowing landscapes into unreal geometric explosions with fine line acrylic and hyper focused detail work. Recently breaking through into a quasi-realistic acrylic attained uniformity. Adam's graduations and glazing are almost as painstakingly finessed as his defining use of warped perspectives and portrayals of higher dimensional space. Most of his paintings start with no plan or composition drawn out prior to working directly on canvas. Influenced by the western sciences and technology, we can find a great deal of subtle memes relating to evolution and morphogenesis. Rapidly transforming glowing grids of bubbling unknown technology, floating science fiction landscapes, and references of natural and fantastical biology have all found a common place in Adam's work. These aesthetics, and high concept mashed with futurism and cubism provide an explosive view to the mind of computation. Shadowing the impending nano technology boom and use of confrontational molecular geometry in the human body, these paintings are hidden realms meant to ease the transition we are all making into a future of infinite complexity. 


Jake AmaZon

Jake has always expressed himself through imagery. As a young adult he left Texas on an art pilgrimage to Colorado, drawn to the beauty and culture. There, his creative expression grew to encompass not only a mode of inner healing, but also a fully immersed spiritual practice. The result was beautiful portrayals of the human experience and universal interconnectedness. His paintings illustrate a journey through a dark reality towards enlightenment.

After studying painting and computer graphics, Jake ventured to Austria to attend the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art. At the Academy, he further discovered how to unite intuition and expression. A visual depiction of divine frequencies permeating all of existence, have become the focus of his work. His primary goal is to create images that empower everyone to see their inner beauty, so that we may continue to unite as one.


Annie Kyla Bennett

Annie strives to voice the language of Nature with her brush, making portraits of universal archetypes to be viewed as mirrors. With paint she hopes to create healing visual experiences which rekindle a human intimacy with nature, and an awareness of oneness. Annie makes art that serves as a gateway to deeper understanding of self and universe; to inspire one to think more deeply, feel more fully, and to find ones best self within the infinite beauty and balance of life.


David Fratu

David Fratu (aka ILL.DES) is an artist living and working in Atlanta, GA. His style of painting is a balance between interconnection and geometric chaos. Using gradients of color and intricate patterns, he creates a sense of depth and movement. Viewers are drawn into his illusive designs filled with vibrant colors, geometric shapes, and organic line work. Together, his unique symmetrical compositions form a perfect equilibrium of harmony and discord.


Drake Arnold

Drawing inspiration from the earth and our natural environment, my work has been influenced by all aspects of this multifaceted life. From the academic disciplines of mathematics, science, and philosophy to the fantastical whimsy of the imagination, my work has been informed by my life’s journey and my hearts intuition.  I find myself using art as a means of intimately reconnecting with my most transcendental experiences and relating them to others. Recently I have been using art as a means of expressing deeply personal experiences that I cannot convey in words alone. I have found incredible joy in trying to take the purely experiential or conceptual and re-writing it into a new visual vernacular. Mine is just one perspective out of the vast ocean of humanity's infinite potential.


Love Light Leslie

South Carolina native, Leslie Caneda, is a self taught artist that specializes in live painting at music and art festivals and events across the east coast. Her art embraces positivity and light and is meant to be advocative of joy and vitality. With bright colors, and vivacious patterns she wishes to capture a whimsical side to life with each stroke as a tangible embodiment of the interconnectedness of the canvas and our world.


Stephen Kruse

Stephen Kruse is an abstract-geometric painter hailing from Detroit, currently living in the psychedelic and visionary art hub of Denver, CO.  Stephen’s work aims to draw the viewer into different realms, and different mind-states, hoping to reach the viewer at the inner core of their mind and soul. His work is a visual intermediary between the earthly and etheric, evoking aspects of the ancient, and of the future. Stephen’s paintings explore vast themes, ranging from micro-biology, geometry, physics, architecture, chromesthesia, and astronomy.  Stephen’s arsenal of patterning and quasi-dimensional shapes flow effortlessly into the visually rhythmatic dreamscapes he creates.  Stephen’s process is constantly evolving, but the one thing that all his work has in common is the fundamental aspect of balance.  Stephen learned very early-on that balance is the key to nearly everything in this life, and he hopes to convey this through his conceptions.


Terra Siena

"I could paint every day for the rest of my life and it would still only represent a breath of what I am experiencing inside my mind. I am fascinated and overwhelmed by the intricate beauty of perception and the human experience. My works are a glimpse of the myriad of ideas and visions that haunt me until I feel compelled to create and share them with all of you. I hope connections with my work help keep the flame of curiousity and enchantment with nature and consciousness." 


Zander Lampkin

Zander uses aerosol/acrylic on canvas to create a space-adventure, far beyond time and existence.  Vibrant colorations blend well with obscure surroundings giving the paintings a 3-D perspective of depth.


Katie Gray

My artistic inspiration comes mostly from dreams and experiences with nature. Many of my paintings deal with the feminine aspects of earth, cycles, and the moon. I'd love to contribute to the blossoming creative atmosphere for the inaugural event.


Jonathan Singer

Johnathan Singer’s entrepreneurial spirit was so focused that by 24 he’d begun publishing a socially conscious lifestyle magazine in Southern California called “West Side Life.” This exposed him to a wide range of artists, musicians, presenters and live performance experiences. His first inspirations were the music of the Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, John McLaughlin, and the art of luminaries like M. C. Escher, Gustave Klimt, Alex Grey, and Salvador Dali. Those early influences combined to instill a deep need to connect with audiences by recreating the mystic journey. Moved to become a visual artist in his own right, he began performing real-time multimedia light shows for the musicians he’d met while publishing the magazine. Pushing the boundaries of technology, his presentations led to a new art form incorporating CGI, texture maps, custom 3D animations and special effects to inspire his audience’s visual and auditory experience. Johnathan’s prints explore all these techniques, and are inspired by his personal journey with the mystical.


Live Painting Artists

Chance Roberts

The simple act of being is something often taken for granted, but there is magic to be found in everything and all people have an inner light waiting to be revealed. I use art to pay tribute to the powerful souls who have impacted me in my life, and portray them in their element. Sometimes the work is loose and unplanned done in a live setting of a festival or concert or often times countless hours with a small brush in the studio is required. Mixing portraiture, historical archetypes, mysticism and a dash of psychedelia and flow my artwork is how I make sense of being human. Translating reality into paint helps me not only relate to my subjects more, but it often reveals hidden intricacies of my own psyche that I would have never known prior. Life is an opportunity to create meaning, and through creating things I have found substance. I leave behind these future artifacts to pay tribute to the beautiful humans I have known and loved.



Nikki is a socially and environmentally conscious Artist of many forms who draws inspiration from her environment. When she moved to California in 2012 Nikki began to explore with a paintbrush in late fall and just a couple of months later, painted at her first event. Most of her progression has been made in part to the energy of live events. Her palette is molded until the expression takes shape into a story or symbolic feeling. The bright colors represent a process of self healing. Nikki hopes to incite a personal and passionate response from those that view her artwork. It is her goal to share the process of creation with others in hope to free the minds of restriction and artistic blockages. Art like music can be the best therapy. Finding grounding and peace in the midst of the most dynamic and charging of environments has brought the most prolific edge within her flow!



I am based out of Atlanta, Georgia. I work in acrylic and charcoal. My work is based around the ancient mythological stories that we think of today as folklore or mythology. I like to believe that most of these stories have some kind of roots to them and I try to depict my own thoughts or theroies in my paintings. Shamanistic visions or altered states of consciousness tend to be a huge contributor to these stories and I basically want the viewers of my work to be taken to a realm where these do exist. In the end when the viewer walks away, I want them to think about the story they once heard and question it's beginnings, because there was a spark that made that story last for centuries.



Graffiti artist Mastro has been painting & writing on walls since 1992. Bronx born & raised, currently residing in Brooklyn, you can find his artwork amongst New York City's landscape, as well as up and down the east coast from Miami to Maine.  His style of writing is a hybrid taking form & influence from classic NY Graffiti letter structure, Tesselations, Architectonics, Variegated & tonal color components.


Bridget Adams


J Bild & Elaine Alonzo


Jerry Cahill


John Bertolone


Ben Retersdorf


Sarah Painter


Victoria Taylor


Jacob Cage