Art: MARS-1 > "Stratus Nimbus Cumulus"


As much as we love to see it ourselves, this weekend will not see any fire being spun during the festivities. We love the Spanish Moss at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park too much to risk even a strand of it. As the venue is kind enough to offer open-flame campfires, we think this more than satisfies our innate human fascination with elemental Fire. For those seeking to satisfy their thirst for Elemental Flow - we have a project in mind just for You.

In addition to the full moon Friday experimental broken-beat presentation, we think it would be fun and amazing to also include a number of enthusiastic performers hoping to share their passion with everyone in attendance. We are inviting all interested flow artist's to send in a video performing with the style of music the night features, using LED (instead of Fire). Everyone invited will receive a Flow Jam pass for $25 (to cover the camping cost) that weekend. This includes all activities and access to the event - all weekend. Please be aware that the Suwannee stage is too small for us to host flow conveniently ON stage, but we have a plan for bringing the jam session to the front of the amphitheater to create the special visual treat of numerous LED routines happening simultaneously under the full moon. Team videos are encouraged with that in mind.

Each video should be submitted via email, and as we select each performer we will upload the video with a hearty 'congratulations' each day or week on our Friday Night Full Moon Flow event page(s) online. The decision making team consists of several well respected flow artists from within the flow community, and several members of the production and promotions team for this event. EVERY video submission will be honored and treated with respect, and those not selected will receive a personal email follow up. Our Flow Coordinators will make themselves known on the Facebook Event Page.