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Tipper started his career in the UK rave scene during the late 90’s, and as a modest technician is understood to be one of the originators of what is now commonly known as ‘bass music’ within the electronic dance music genre. His production and performance styles are widely respected for their mastery of various forms and tempos. Offering two sets for his first time @ Suwannee, on Friday Night he will close the evening ‘energetically,' and the Saturday performance will ‘journey’ through various tempos. On a full moon weekend, with Funktion One sound, one of the most beautiful amphitheaters in the country, and with all of You......... (!)(?)

Shpongle (Simon Posford DJ) SUNRISE SET

Shpongle is an English psychedelic music project formed in 1996 by Simon Posford and Raja Ram. The duo are considered architects of the Psybient genre, combining psychedelic trance with ambient music. We have invited Simon to come present his favorite downtempo psybient music to close our weekend at Sunrise on Sunday morning.


Cut Chemist has been recording and performing for over twenty years.  He started dj’ing in 1984, at age 11 years old. In 1987 aged 14 Cut started recording with his friends including Chali 2na (Jurassic 5). Cut first became known as a founding member of both the rap group Jurassic 5 and the Grammy award winning Latin funk outfit, Ozomatli. Keeping his involvement with both groups in tandem with one another, Cut has developed a taste for music and rhythms from around the world while keeping his ethic for the hip hop tradition. His mix-tapes and remixes became critically acclaimed. His ‘Chemist’ moniker was fully realized with his instrumental, Lesson 6: The Lecture. A musical journey that challenged hip hop production with music theory ideals. Cut also found time to collaborate with DJ Shadow on what would be one of the worlds most sought after mix cd’s, Brainfreeze, soon to be followed by its sequel, Product Placement.

“Whatever comes next you can expect the same ethic of artistic integrity” says Cut. “Hip Hop is not a specific type of music, its how its presented. I feel I’ve always proved that and will continue to do so.”

OTT (Twilight Set)

Without a doubt one of the most talented, and nicest guy’s in Electronica, when we asked Ott what time slot he would like his immediate reply was ‘Twilight!’ Well then.. Yes Sir! Words do not do this man justice...  we highly recommend you experience his music in this setting.


Bogtrotter holds true to his name, providing psychedelic swamp-hop to the masses. Influenced by dubstep, psy-trance, and various other musical sources, his purpose is to translate the strange and foreign worlds his mind has taken him to, into an intense auditory journey.


Teebs was born in 1987 Bronx, NY with West Indian/ East African heritage. He is a musician on Brainfeeder Records & My Hollow Drum. He is also a painter working through New Image Art Gallery. Currently living in East Los Angeles Teebs also presents his program V I E W P O I N T S on, which focuses on eclectic sound selections and new demos with guest spots here and there.


Sixis is the latest musical venture of Bay Area native Ben Wyss. Synthetic and organic elements blur through field recording and electronic synthesis, generating a familiar yet alien trip through the body and out of the imagination. Throbbing low frequencies morph and flow through psychedelic glitches and back into melody, all of which are layered into a single stream of vibration.

Jade Cicada

Jade is said to bless what ever it touches, serving Mankind for over 6,000 years. It is the ultimate ‘Dream Stone’ revered in ancient cultures to access the spiritual world, encourage creativity, and dream-solve. Cicadas produce an exceptionally loud song, produced by internal vibrations mostly at night. Skyler is a Berklee College of Music graduate, trained in advanced jazz theory as well as many forms of sound design. Jade Cicada’s music is a reflection of all these things, and a constant homage to those who have inspired him. One to Watch.


Medisin has been a fixture in the Psychedelic music scene for over 15 years. His mind-bending stylings range from dub through trance, and anything in between. Expect a nice journey of tastefully selected music, presented by an experienced hand well versed in all things psychedelia.


Lusine has been producing experimental dance music of all tempos since the early 00’s. His sound design and melodic phrasing are always well appreciated. He will present a unique broken-beat set consisting of tracks old and new.


Tipper and long time friend Mike Wallis formed Crunch in the late 90's. The pair released two albums and several Ep's together over the following years on labels such as Musik Aus Strom and Mike's own imprint Colony Productions. This will be their first USA performance together in over a decade.


Jeremy Goldstein has been involved with experimental dance music from its earliest daze. He will present a DJ retrospective of the very finest music from that bygone era when artists’ were ‘going for it’ to produce memorable sounds and performances, featuring music from everybody (including himself) that the Lusine and Crunch sets don’t cover. A perfect kickoff to the weekend.

Selector Cleofus

Selector Cleofus instigates shenanigans and spreads dub propaganda from the mountain freak magnet known as Asheville, NC.

Sortof Vague

DJ Mix Comp winner - Sortof Vague - gave us a wonderfully crafted mix weaving tracks between tracks, creating new music in the mix, on a journey that keeps the listener locked in until the curtain closes. EVAC was feeling this as the most suitable set to present before his performance on Full Moon Night.