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The VJs

Android Jones

Android Jones has become well known for his many layered, psychedelic works and live performances using a custom built digital set up. He contributed to the Grateful Dead Fare Thee Well Tour and his work has been projected on the Sydney Opera House and the Empire State Building. A long time member of the Burning Man community, Android has traveled the world exhibiting his work and has contributed to events on 6 continents. Described as a digital alchemist, he is determined to alter the viewer’s perception, pushing the boundaries of the imagination through the use of innovative media forms.

Johnathan Singer

Johnathan Singer's early influences combined to instill a deep need to connect with audiences by recreating the mystic journey. Pushing the boundaries of technology, his presentations incorporate CGI, texture maps, custom 3D animations and special effects to inspire his audience’s immersive experience. Initially building his reputation working closely with Alex and Allyson Grey on performances themed around their art, in the years since Johnathan also contributed to the Grateful Dead’s 50th Anniversary Fare Thee Well dates, provided the imagery for The Dead & Company tour, and also Red Rocks, Thalia Hall, Camp Bisco, and more with Tipper.

Double You

Double You's visuals attempt to describe the abstract realms that exist within the folds of multi-dimensional reality. Cutting-edge technology and high-end rendering techniques are combined with custom software to create digital artwork in motion that tickles your retina and tantalizes your optical nerve. A collaboration of minds, Double You has presented at various festivals including Burning Man, Art Basel Miami, Ozora Festival, and Summer Never Ends.