1. Food Vendors will be open 24 hours! At no point during this event will the food vendors be required to stop selling food. 

2. No Unauthorized Vending. Folks, please take this seriously. There are official approved vendors inside the park. Attendees found vending without approval in an official space will be immediately removed from the park. This is a strict Park Policy.

3. New Pet Policy. Please take this seriously. We love dogs and all pets but for the safety of the public and the animals, the park has implemented new rules regarding dogs. Please follow these guidelines if you have a SERVICE ANIMAL. Otherwise, please leave the animals at home. Please review the official Pet Policy of the Spirit of Suwannee Music Park here.

4. No Fire Spinning. This is SERIOUS BUSINESS. The Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park will be monitoring and shutting down any unauthorized fire spinning during Tipper Full Moon Gathering. The only people authorized to spin fire will be credentialed festival performers and they will be wristbanded by the Suwannee County Fire Marshall. Anyone spinning fire without a wristband in an unauthorized area may be asked to leave the park. JUST DON’T DO IT!!

5. The Suwannee River is closed for swimming this weekend, as the water level is dangerously high. This means the Park also has to close the swimming pool, so that it is not too crowded and unsafe.

6. Bags will be checked, EMPTY Camelbacks are allowed. All bags, purses and containers will be searched when entering the music areas. Empty water bottles and Camelbacks are fine to bring in. No glass will be allowed into the music areas.

7. Beware of Counterfeit Tickets. Unless you purchase a Tipper Full Moon Gathering ticket through the Tipper Full Moon Gathering website, we can not guarantee your ticket is real. Please make sure if you do purchase a ticket from a friend or someone else, that it is a real ticket. Our office can assist you if you have any questions: 386-364-1683

8. Weather in North Florida Can Be Unpredictable. Come prepared for multiple weather situations ranging between hot, cold, dry, and wet!

9. Check out the Schedule. Don’t miss all of the activities we have to offer! View the full schedule here.

10. Early Arrivals. The Box Office Gates will open early, Friday at 8am.  That is the time we will begin to use the Festival Entrance address. The park is having some issues with guests arriving early and going to the wrong entrance, so here are proper directions:

Directions: The Tipper & Friends Full Moon Gathering will be held at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, Florida, between Interstates 75 and 10. 

  • From I-10, take exit 283 (old exit 40) and go north on US 129 4.5 miles. 
  • From I-75, take exit 451 (old exit 85) and go south 4.5 miles. Watch for the Spirit of Suwanee sign on your right.

11. Kids Area. Children aged 12 and under are Free Entry at the event, and the Fun Zone area is definitely with them in mind.

12. Departures. Please plan to leave the park by 12:00 PM NOON on Sunday, April 24, 2016. The Park will exercise discretion for those who need extra rest before driving, but will not be permitting any additional nights stay as normally offered. There is a big event coming in next weekend, and they have to prepare for this event starting on Sunday.

13. Ferris Wheel. We've brought in a ferris wheel, complete with visuals. Don't miss it.

14. Tipper & Friends events hope to encourage a positive attitude which fosters growth and connection. We ask that everyone is respectful of of this location, and the good people who maintain and live here, so that we may be welcome to return each year in the future.

** Be Kind To One Another, and Welcome Home! **