Android Jones "Jake Dreaming"

Kids Zone

Children under 12 are always free for our events at Suwannee (must be accompanied by an adult). After all, when Big Kids play, they sometimes make Little Kids, and nobody should miss out on the fun with us as a necessity if we can help out. Our coordinator, Soulshine, has recently welcomed her first child into this reality, and her and her team are very enthusiastic and dedicated to entertaining and inspiring the young'uns entrusted to their care. At the next installment, we've arranged for the kids to have a priority 'kids only' showing of the Samskara 360 Projection and priority for the Microdose VR headsets (courtesy of the Droid Zone). We're also organizing art class fun with some of the Live Painters we select, a Flow session, music-making with some of the Lineup, and what ever else we can think of to make them feel welcome and a part of the weekend. For more info, to volunteer, or to let Soulshine know you're bringing your child in advance please email us.