Android Jones "Critical Dream"

Movie Nights

SOSMP noise ordinances require all amplified music to cease at 2AM in order for the Park’s neighbors to get some sleep. Seems such a shame to turn off the Funktions and crystal clear LED Screen - right? How can we do that without waking up the neighbors and getting the Park (and us) in trouble? Psychedelic Movie Night(s) anyone!! 

We’re encouraging everyone to start another big cuddle puddle outdoors under the magical trees of Suwannee after Tipper closes at 2AM each night, and we will be showing psychedelic shorts, music videos, or classic movies that tickle the imagination for tweaking any mental state you may find yourself in. We’re enlisting the assistance of to help curate presentations with a twisted soundtrack or mind-blowing visuals (or both). We are also open to any suggestions from You at large.