Craft Vendor Application

We've decided to create a special experience honoring the time honored tradition of the original "Shakedown Street" concept that stemmed from the Deadhead community. We are calling it ‘The Bizarre Bazaar’ and encouraging and intending a Free Market which allows 'the little guy' (or girl) trying to fund their summer festival dreams, and express themselves freely whilst profiting from the fruits of their labour. We will only accept applications for up to 100 specially selected individuals who produce their own products based on their own creativity, and we will not charge a Vending fee, nor will we take a % of their sales. Here is a short vid of the space which will be filled along this stretch of gravel road at Astral Valley.

  • each home craft vendor will have their own NON-powered 10x10 space.
  • no activity outside of daylight hours - we’re a music, arts and information festival, not a mall  :)
  • there is no Fee to secure a space, but all those selected will still need to purchase their own entry to the event.
  • the only acceptable way to display the wares is a blanket, a garment rack, or a 6x3 (or 8x3) table.
  • we only have space for 100 places along the Bizarre Bazaar.

Submit your application with pics, and an explanation of your product and your presentation concept to: