Maestro's Monday

On Monday the 21st of August at 1.17pm, there will be a Total Solar Eclipse. Passing from the Pacific to the Atlantic, the longest duration of the totality (the blacking out of the sun) happens to be almost directly above our location, just above the Main Stage at Astral Valley (well - slightly to the left and behind it technically). This has not happened since 1918, some 99 years ago. After 3 day and 3 nights of primarily electronic music, we find it appealing to create a ‘trance’ of a different nature, by inviting some of the worlds foremost players of a specific instrument that in succession are capable of encouraging a hypnotic condition, and moving us to wordlessly contemplate and absorb this unique celestial happenstance.

At approximately 10.30am we will kick off the proceedings with the incredibly talented up and coming Blues artist, Marcus King, who will play a solo set on his blues guitar. Following on from Marcus, a Kora player (we are still sorting out visas for the invited master), followed wordlessly by Australian percussionist and handpan specialist Adrian Portia. Taking over from Adrian, we are incredibly honored to have Glen Velez (Father of the modern Frame Drum movement) in attendance, and he will perform solo, joined and followed by one of the leading tabla players of his generation, Salar Nader. Salar will play traditional tabla solo until the Totality begins, and the valley falls silent in witness of this once in a lifetime experience. After the eclipse has passed, and the moment savored, Tipper will close the weekend’s curation with an Ambient/Downtempo set akin to his Twilight/Sunrise sets which are so well received at gatherings such as these.

We cannot promise or rely on perfect weather for this moment, although the Astronomy Society assures us that on this date and location, Astral Valley has had completely sunny days a dozen years in a row thus far. What we can rely on is this incredibly prestigious collection of of soloists to create a once in a lifetime experience musically, and hopefully just as memorable as the Eclipse itself if we are so blessed by the Fates and the Universe to behold its wonder.