Nodens Ictus

Nodens - (nō’dɛnz) Alias. Celtic God of Healing.
He was worshipped in ancient Britain, known in Wales as Nudd or Lludd Llaw Ereint and in Ireland as Nuadu. 
Ictus - (ĭkʹtəs) Noun. Latin. (plural ictus or ictuses or ictūs) the pulse.

Nodens Ictus began life in 1986 when Ozric Tentacles founder Ed Wynne and keyboardist Joie Hinton were asked by the promoters of the Crypt Club in Deptford, South London, to produce an ambient set for the club’s “chillout” room. Essentially Ozric Tentacles ambient project, Nodens Ictus explored ethereal, esoteric, dreamscapes using only synths and samplers, in large contrast to the driving space-rock which characterized the sound of the parent band. Limited-run, independent, cassette-only albums like “The Grove of Selves” issued in 1987, were sold initially only at gigs and by mail order and subsequently become rare and sought-after items of Ozric memorabilia. 

Nodens has existed along side Ozric for nearly the entire span ofthe band’s career, often acting as a catalyst for new Ozric material. More often than not, tracks will start in the studio as a Nodens jam session with the intention of becoming the next Nodens Ictus album, however somewhere later on, once the sketches are colored in they seem to find their way onto the latest Ozric release instead, as despite the intent to remain in ambient realms, hanging around for too long in any style is a lot to ask of Ed. 

Recent shows have seen “Nudd” enter a new light, with a revolving cast of guests including Eat Static front man, former Ozric drummer Merv Pepler, Ozric Bassist/Keyboardist Brandi Wynne, and Merkaba Music/ Adapted Record’s artist Natan MantisMash helping to cast off the band’s strictly ambient label, and trade their slot on the chill out stage for concerts of their own, containing a wildly changing selection of styles and tempos sure to keep and audience on their feet, rather than in a pile of pillows semi-conscious on the floor. Although they most certainly do still have those moments as well. 

Largely based on live improv, Nodens Ictus is not pop music, it is music from another dimension. Delphic, acroamatic, eerie and mysterious, yet quirky and uplifting, Nudd defies genre based classification and no two shows are ever the same. The only truly accurate description that can be given in anticipation of a Nodens performance is that, no one, not even the band really knows what is going to happen until it does!