The long-awaited live performance set of highly electronic Ozric material, which, due to it’s very nature would never see the lights of the stage on a setlist for the traditional full-band line up. Ozrics signature blend of richly layered, evocative ambience and ethereal musical landscapes, seamlessly morph through beatific freeform dub trips, lysergic rave grooves, and psychedelic progressive rock, create a heady, kaleidoscopic mixture of tones and textures. The aim is not just to make truly unique and culturally diverse music, but also to harmoniously unite all in attendance, and create portals for astral travel. Many fans and listeners report feelings of euphoria, an immediate connection to nature as well as others around them, and intense feelings that they have journeyed to other dimensions or met with other-worldly beings. It's an open exploration of music and the soul. 

After years of turning down offers and requests from clubs, festivals, promoters and electronic music events asking for a smaller, easier set up “electronic” or “dj set”, the urge to give a modern tweak to some older mixes finally became too tempting. Soon the curiosity had the group experimenting with new mixes and dreaming of hearing them played on a nice clean Funktion One system with endless amounts of bass. Essentially Ozrics without live acoustic drums and rivaling amplifiers, but still with plenty of live performance and keyboards galore, this set provides a fresh spin on Ozrics less organic side, in a package accessible for parties under nearly any circumstances.