Sekou Kouyate

Son of the Griot and multi awarded Kora player, M´Bady Kouyate from Guinea who toured the world with Ballet African since the early 60s, Sekou followed his fathers musical talent, toured and recorded with him, and was noted for his innovative style of playing at an early age. Soon it became obvious that Sekou was not only a firm keeper of the Kora tradition he inherited from his father and uncles, but that he had a particular style of his own. Open to inspiration from the contemporary music scene, he begged his father for wha wha pedals to add to his Kora, and his style became clearly unique. Although often mentioned as "The Jimi Hendrix of Africa" due to his fast riffs, Sekou Kouyate is really one of a kind. He combines musical styles virtuously, and blends jazz, classical Mandingo, groovy West African beats and a warm vocal, lifting and beautifying the subtle melodies with funky rhythms or complex melodies with a spiritual feeling. His velvet soft voice adds to the elegant music he composes. A free spirit and an open approach to the richness of all music, characterizes the Guinean virtuoso master. Its a pleasure to dig in to the magic music world of Sekou Kouyate.