We are focused on Workshops which celebrate the Land, and issues which affect our time on this Planet. How we can be better custodians, and preserve the natural environment on which we depend to exist. Science, Geology, and Astronomy are also areas we want to explore together. We are NOT looking for Yoga classes. We are NOT looking for Painting classes or offerings. We ARE looking for positive people who can educate and inspire us to leave the event better citizens and protectors of Mother Earth.


The night before a total solar eclipse is by rote a New Moon - which means no moon in the sky at all. Astral Valley is an amazing place to star gaze, and we ahve invited the St Louis Astronomical Society, and astronomers from around the world to join us Sunday evening for a night long gaze through various incredible telescopes to explore the universe around us.


The valley is littered with druze crystals, caves, and other interesting rock formations. Lets talk about how it all was formed, and why its important to understand and respect how this all surrounds us and affects us every day. Because, you know, the planet is named after this Earth beneath us. Learn more about what you walk on, or ride over, every day.


Astral Valley has abundant spring water bubbling up from below. You can drink it straight form the source. Many parts of this planet are not so blessed, and we must be a global community in keeping our water fresh and affordable to sustain Life. Lets talk about how and where.


Is living off the grid logical? When Man moves into Nature, it has been his way to bend nature to his will and alter the environment to maintain his comfort. The reality of ‘getting away from it all’ and how to be one with nature, while not tipping the delicate balance that has existed long before your arrival.


We are reaching out to Native (or Indigenous) Elders and Cultures from the local and surrounding communities to come educate us in the ancient ways of those who have come before us and mastered the skills necessary to survive and exist respectfully, using only your guile and minimal tools.

If we’re missing something - tell us HERE and lets do something about it….